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Bar Displays

With the advancement of technology, the technology of LCD strip screen is becoming more and more mature. At present, LCD long screens are used in transportation, banking, advertising and ...


bar display monitors

The screen of the long screen is easier to present the information of rail transportation. For example, driving directions, transfer information, etc.....


Shelf displays

It can be used in supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and other electronic labels that display price information.....


high brightness displays

The emergence of outdoor advertising machines is becoming a mainstream outdoor advertising video transmission trend. Outdoor advertising machines can play different ....

tv walls

With the continuous development of technology, today's LCD splicing products not only enrich the product lines, but also continue to shrink the seam, which provide 10 "~ 75" display applications in various fields

Industrial Panel consultation services

Industrial-grade display solutions provide a full range of reliable displays, including LCD panels, open-frame monitors, outdoor displays, panel-mounted monitors, and digital signage displays...


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